For rapid and simple isolation of circulating RNA including exosomal RNA from plasma/serum samples

  • Isolate all sizes of circulating and exosomal RNA, including microRNA
  • Versatile plasma and serum input volumes (0.25 mL to 2 mL)
  • Concentrate circulating and exosomal RNA into small elution volumes 
  • Isolate inhibitor-free circulating and exosomal RNA
  • Bind and elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
  • Available in Spin Column or 96-well plate formats
  • Process 96-well plates using vacuum or centrifugation
  • Purified RNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including Small RNA Sequencing. Find out more information on Norgen's NGS services

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ItemsCat. #Size
Plasma/Serum Circulating RNA Purification Mini Kit (Slurry) 51000 50 preps
Plasma/Serum Circulating and Exosomal RNA Purification 96-well Kit (Slurry Format) 29500 1 x 96-well plate

Plasma/Serum Circulating and Exosomal RNA Purification Mini Kit (Slurry Format)

Norgen's Plasma/Serum Circulating and Exosomal RNA Purification Mini Kit (Slurry Format) provides a fast, reliable and simple procedure for isolating circulating and exosomal RNA from plasma and serum samples ranging from 0.25 mL to 2 mL.  Norgen's Plasma/Serum Circulating and Exosomal RNA Purification 96-Well Kit (Slurry Format) provides a high throughput method for isolating circulating and exosomal RNA from plasma and serum samples using either a vacuum manifold or centrifugation.  These kits are able to isolate all sizes of circulating RNA and exosomal RNA, including microRNA, without the use of phenol or chloroform. The slurry format provides an advantage over other available kits in that it does not require extension tubes for the purification of free-circulating and exosomal RNA from large sample volumes. RNA can be isolated from either fresh or frozen samples using these kits. These kits are suitable for the isolation of RNA from serum or plasma prepared from blood collected only on either EDTA or citrate. Plasma samples prepared from blood collected on heparin should not be used as heparin can significantly interfere with many downstream applications including RT-PCR.

The purified plasma/serum free-circulating and exosomal RNA is eluted in an elution solution that is compatible with PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive reverse transcription qPCR, reverse transcription PCR, Northern blotting, RNase protection and primer extension, expression array assays, and NGS.

Free-circulating and exosomal plasma and serum RNA can serve as both tumor- and fetal-specific markers for cancer detection and prenatal diagnosis. As well, free-circulating and exosomal RNAs have the potential to provide biomarkers for other disease states. Free-circulating and exosomal RNA in plasma or serum are usually present as short fragments of less than 1000nt, and free-circulating miRNA (21nt) can also be found in plasma and serum. 

Kit Specifications - Spin Column
Minimum Plasma/Serum Input
0.25 mL
Maximum Plasma/Serum Input
2 mL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including
Time to Complete Purification
< 40 minutes


Kit Specifications - 96-well
Minimum Plasma/Serum Input
0.25 mL
Maximum Plasma/Serum Input
2 mL
Size of RNA Purified
All sizes, including
Time to Complete Purification
< 1 hour


Storage Conditions and Product Stability
All buffers should be kept tightly sealed and stored at room temperature (15-25°C) for up to 1 year without showing any reduction in performance. It is recommended to warm the slurry and Lysis Buffer A for 20 minutes at 60°C if any salt precipitation is observed.

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