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What is HLVd?

Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) has recently become an increasing concern for cultivators world wide. These infected plants and clones are often asymptomatic and only become visible in older plants. Symptoms of this viral infection include brittle stems, reduced flower and trichome mass, and decreased yield. The fast spread of this pathogen from plant to plant can be devastating without early detection methods.

Molecular detection is therefore required to accurately detect and employ remediation strategies for these challenging plant pathogens. RT-PCR is therefore the gold standard for early detection of HLVd to minimize spread to other plants. Norgen Biotek offers the most sensitive and streamlined procedure for purification of viroid RNA and detection of HLVd.

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A healthy plant (left) compared to a plant infected with Hop Latent Viroid (right).


Norgen Biotek HLVd Pathogen Detection

Norgen offers two ready to use kit formats for the detection of viroids and pathogens in plants.

TaqMan RT-PCR Kit

  • Involves the use of TaqMan primers and probes for use on real-time PCR detection systems

End-Point PCR Kit

  • For use on traditional thermocyclers with a subsequent gel electrophoresis analysis

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TM38700 HLVd TaqMan RT-PCR Kit
EP38700 HLVd End-Point RT-PCR Kit

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Contact us to learn more about our HLVd Starter Kit

Starter Kit Contains

  • Reagants for RNA extraction
  • Reagants for real-time PCR detection
  • Save 65% at purchase compared to full kit orders

Isolation and Purification

The sensitivity of any PCR assay relies heavily on the initial RNA or DNA extraction. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your sample, and the most sensitive detection results, with our robust Plant/Fungi RNA and DNA purification kits. Norgen’s purification kits will ensure you capture the full range of RNA or DNA present in your sample, setting you up for high-quality results downstream.

Plant RNA Isolation RNA Experts

Norgen’s Purification Technology: Viroids are small, circular pieces of RNA that are responsible for a wide variety of diseases in plants. Typically, they are very small - ranging in size from only 246 to 463 nucleotides in length. Unfortunately, typical silica columns, magnetic beads and other traditional purification methods are unable to capture such short fragments efficiently. Norgen has overcome this problem by utilizing a patented silicon carbide a resin technology in our purification kits. This technology allows for capture of small, fragmented and degraded pieces of RNA that can be lost with traditional methods.

Learn more about Norgen's Silicon Carbide Technology!

Norgen offers a variety of purification kits for environmental sample types.

Available in spin-column and high-throughput 96-well plate formats.

Plant/Fungi Total RNA Purification Kit

Single Column Format

96-well Plate Format

Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit

Single Column Format

96-well Plate Format

Soil Total RNA Purification Kit

Single Column Format


Soil DNA Isolation Plus Kit

Single Column Format

96-well Plate Format

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Detect HLVd in Plant Crops, and protect your long term yield.