Norgen Biotek: Analytica Lab Africa

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Norgen Biotek: Analytica Lab Africa

Norgen Biotek, a leading biotechnology company specializing in sample preparation and nucleic acid purification, recently joined Lasec at the Analytica Lab Africa International Trade Fair 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This event attracted thousands of attendees from diverse backgrounds and brought together renowned scientists, researchers, and industry experts to discuss the latest research within the African biotechnology space.

Norgen Biotek's attendance provided an opportunity to connect with researchers from across Africa and showcase our cutting-edge solutions. We played an active role in the conference's scientific program, delivering a presentation on the role of molecular diagnostics in African healthcare systems, and how this aligns with Norgen’s expertise in sample collection and preservations, nucleic acid purification, and PCR-based diagnostics. Analytica Lab Africa’s diverse audience also provided an excellent platform for Norgen Biotek to showcase their expertise across multiple clinical and research applications, including waterborne pathogen detection, plant pathogen detection, and HPV diagnostics.

Advancing Water Testing:

One key area of focus for Norgen Biotek at the conference was waterborne pathogen testing, specifically the detection of Vibrio cholerae, SARS-CoV-2, and other infectious diseases within water sources. Norgen Biotek highlighted the benefits of their water and soil kits, which offer a robust method for the detection of waterborne pathogens. Accurate detection of these pathogens is crucial, due to the significant morbidity and mortality associated with diseases in Africa and beyond.

Innovative Plant DNA/RNA Extraction Technology:

Norgen Biotek also showcased their innovative plant DNA/RNA extraction technology, specifically highlighting a simpler homogenization step as an alternative to bead beating or liquid nitrogen methods. This supplementary protocol offered a more accessible and efficient approach to plant sample preparation. By increasing awareness of this unique feature, Norgen Biotek aimed to address the needs of plant researchers and laboratories seeking simplified extraction processes.

Innovative Collection Devices for HPV Diagnostic Surveillance:

Another area of interest for many South African laboratories was HPV diagnostic testing and surveillance, due to the significant public health burden from HPV infection across South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Norgen Biotek’s PCR-based HPV detection kits can provide health authorities and laboratories with an efficient, reliable method to diagnose and monitor HPV.

Overall, Norgen Biotek's participation at the Analytica Lab Africa International Trade Fair 2023 reaffirmed its position as a leading provider for sample preparation and nucleic acid purification. Engaging with a wide range of attendees allowed Norgen Biotek to address key laboratory challenges and offer innovative products and protocols tailored to clinical and research applications, ranging from wastewater testing to HPV diagnostics in South Africa and beyond.

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