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In general, we struggled to find the best RNA purification kit for cells cultured in or within biomaterials. The Total RNA Purification Micro Kit has consistently been a great product for us! We are able to get good quality RNA for smaller samples enabling us to run PCR on those samples. Other kits have resulted in really low concentration/quantity of RNA or really poor quality RNA. This kit also saves us time because we are typically able to lysis the cell-material construct directly instead of needing to try to collect the cells first before lysing. All in all, I've been using these kits since I was a postdoc and am very happy to continue using them in my own research group.

  • Jessica Gluck North Carolina State University

We have been using Norgen's Saliva DNA Collection and Preservation Devices Cat. RU49000 and the Norgen's Saliva DNA Isolation Kit (Cat. RU45400) for many years for our world wide projects that include populations from different countries with very challenging collection and storage conditions. The kits have helped us even when the samples had to stay at tropical room temperature for long period of time. The kits worked perfectly for us. We also use the kits in our mail-based DNA collections to outreach the distant communities in Western Australia to offer people the opportunity to participate in genomic research. This way the Norgen kits help us to engage underrepresented populations and communities in our genomic studies.

  • Murdoch university

The Norgen FFPE RNA Purification Kit 25300 enable our laboratory to access the RNA and transcriptomic information from the archived paraffin blocks. We have implemented this technology as part of our genomic pathology routine and it has become indispensable. This approach gives us an opportunity to increase the number of samples for rare diseases and improves the power of the studies using genomic pathology.

  • Murdoch university

The kit is continuing to work for us, I use it all the time. One of our undergrads recently did an extraction with tissue from the field and got very nice results, which is often tricky considering the stress that the field plants are under. Over all we are very pleased with the kit!

  • McMaster University

The Plant/Fungi total RNA kits that we purchase from Norgen have been great. We look forward to working with you and receiving quality products.

  • Syngenta
Donovan Bailey

Our RNA isolations with your test kit look very promising...We obtained large quantities of intact RNA with a 260/280 of 1.99...The other thing I should mention about the RNA kit is that we saw no DNA - which is great!

  • Donovan Bailey New Mexico State University

By far this is the best and easiest kit I have had to deal with dry tissue samples. Not Mobio or Qiagen. I am finding ways to quickly extract from the huge panel that I have.

  • University of Pittsburgh
Donovan Bailey

I wanted to give you a quick update. Your DNA extraction kit is amazing. I've been working in plant biology for 20 years, published a bit on DNA extraction, and we've worked for 12 months to get good high quality DNA from a particularly difficult sample. In one day your kit gave us 30μg of gDNA with a 260/280 of 1.95. ...We also ran some digestions on the DNA to check purity and it digests beautifully. This level of quantity and quality is unheard of with quick plant extraction kits and plant material. We can't wait to try the RNA kit.

  • Donovan Bailey New Mexico State University

I've tried out the kit, and we are very satisfied with the results so far. I would like to order another 50 prep sample kit and a number of 96-well kits. I'm interested in ordering either 5 or 10 of the 96-well kits (10-20 plates). Thanks for your incredibly warm and helpful customer service so far!

  • Stanford University

It worked the best of the three that were tried. We'll be buying yours.

  • California State University

For pepper our protocol failed (it has always failed with this plant!) to yield any intact RNA at all! Your kit gave ~ 90ng/μl of high quality/intact RNA. I will order a kit this week, because I work with pepper and need a reliable RNA extraction kit.

  • Centro de Investigaciones Biotecnológicas del Ecuador

So I finally got around to using the Bacterial gDNA isolation kit and WOW, did it work amazingly! I managed to get 91 ng/μL of DNA with no visible RNA contamination. Using the beads my yield was slightly higher (101 ng/μL), but my DNA was more sheared. I still have to compare to a few other kits we have in the lab, but I've never had such wonderful results. Just thought it would be nice to know that your hardwork was much appreciated, and the result fantastic :)

  • McMaster University

In my PhD project, I had difficulty in isolation RNA and DNA, especially RNA, from plum. I am glad that all the difficulty was over since I used Plant RNA and Plant/Fungi DNA isolation kits from NORGEN. The yield and purity are all excellent. I would like to thank NORGEN for providing such good products.

  • Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

The material I used is plum leaf. I am planning to do Southern, Northern and small RNA with the DNA/RNA. I found the kit is especially good for hard materials like plum, which other kit may not work well.

  • Agriculture Canada

Just wanted to let you know that I tried your kit and it was great. We got really great yields (about 200 ng/ul in 150ul). I would like to see about stream-lining this into our existing methods for phage DNA isolation!

  • University of Pittsburgh
Mathew Hudson

I really like the kits you guys have. I just wanted to let you know we recently published a paper using several of your kits, including the urine exosome isolation for cell culture media to show for the first time that exosomes highly enriched in microRNAs are released from muscle cells.

  • Matthew Hudson Emory University

I finally got a chance to try out the kit yesterday, and it worked great - much better RIN values for the RNA than the previous kit and a much quicker protocol as well.

  • University of Alberta

I just wanted to let you know that we completed the trial extraction using the kit provided. Results were good. I will certainly be looking at Norgen products as extraction projects come up.

  • University of Pittsburgh

Thank you so much again for your help with getting us the kits! There seems to be an agreement between the people that tried the Norgen kit that they prefer it over the [competitor] method and the kit... The reason why we had switched to the [competitor] method for a couple of years now was because it is of course much cheaper than most isolation methods. However, there seems to be a compromise in the quality and yield, which Norgen seems to preserve very well. We have a pretty large lab and so we will be ordering in a larger bulk amount.

  • Cleveland Clinic
Oregon State University

Works great! Got a RIN # of 9.8 on my first sample, and based on my estimate of approximate cell number the recovery looks good too. So, I will have the office staff order a full kit for me.

  • Oregon State University
St. Micheals Hospital

I'm considering changing my mind on the spin columns... I just used a [competitor's] spin column to isolate some RNA and the yields were acceptable, but considerably less than what I'm used to (about 8x less). This leaves me with 2 poor yields out of 5 attempts with these columns. I was willing to chalk the first poor yield to "my error" (losing tissue or some other fluke event), but now I'm worried that the [competitor] columns are unreliable - good when they work but prone to failing from time to time... I've never had a poor yield in any of the 8 attempts I've tried with the Norgen columns.

  • St. Michael's Hospital
The walter and eliza hall institue of medical research

We have done a comparison between your (Norgen's) Total RNA Purification kit and [the competitor] kit. The RNA was extracted from two identical samples of cultured cells (~500 000 cells per sample). As you can tell there's hardly any difference between the two kits in terms of RNA quality or quantity of small RNA species. However, Norgen kit costs half the price of the [competitor] one, takes a lot less time to run through the protocol and doesn't require additional reagents (such as Trizol). All of which makes a strong case in favour of using the Norgen kit.

  • The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

I tested Qiagen Micro Kit, Stratagene Nanoprep, Epicentre Nanoscale, Arcturus Picopure, MACS uMACS. Norgen Total RNA Isolation Kit was chosen because of the high yield from low cell numbers, excellent quality, the presence of small RNAs and the fact that it is easy to work with.

  • Novartis, Switzerland
McMaster University

I did RNA isolation using different kits and detection afterwards microRNAs by q-PCR. Your total RNA isolation kit works better than the rest, at least in my hands.

  • McMaster University
fred research

I did try the Norgen RNA Kit and it went very well. I isolated RNA from cultured cells. I then compared it to our standard Qiagen isolation method and the Norgen kit gave more purified RNA than Qiagen.

  • Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, USA

My customer used the [FFPE Purification] kit with microdissection samples (containing about 100 cells) and she obtained very good results with microRNA...

  • Elletrofor, Italy

We have been using Norgen's using the Stool Nucleic Acid Collection and Preservation Tubes and Stool Total RNA Purification Kit for many years for our projects focused on searching fecal biomarkers (small non-coding RNAs and bacterial species) to diagnose colorectal cancer non-invasively. The challenge was to collect stool samples and preserve nucleic acids in a way that patients could collect samples at home and bring to the receiving hospital without rush and preserving the samples. We successfully used the collection tubes for over 1000 samples in the frame of an European project and we were able to extract either RNA and microbial DNA for metagenome analysis.

  • Barbara Pardini Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine

In addition, the RNA purification kit proved also to be very efficient in the RNA extraction also from leftover samples derived from the fecal immunochemical test (FIT) used in Italy to screen the general population for colorectal cancer. Moreover, from these types of samples we could run small RNA sequencing from several hundreds of samples. The products worked perfectly and helped us to engage new molecular approaches for implementing colorectal screening in a non-invasive way.

  • Alessio Naccarati Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine

My second RNAE with Norgen kit worked well - recovery of miRNA spike-in was well (in 70~80% range), and most of RNA got eluted when I increased elution buffer to 100ul. We have decided to go with the Norgen kit and I am going to place an order once I figure out the numbers we need.

  • Merck
north shore university

In head to head comparisons with other miRNA purification strategies, we are very pleased with the Norgen kit.

  • North Shore University Health System
McMaster University

…the All-in-One purification kit that [I] brought. From the same cell samples, we tested the miRNAs and the proteins and they seem to be happy with their results. In terms of miRNA purification, the total RNA extraction kit seems also to do better than other companies.

  • McMaster University

We got on really well with the kits, excellent yield and purity of all extracted components and the kit was really easy to use. The deciding factor in choosing your (3-in-1) kit is the fact that we can extract all three components from a single physical point in the tissue.

  • AgResearch
agriculture and agrifood Canada

Norgen DNA/RNA/Protein kit and proteomics compatibility. Thanks very much for your replies to my questions- as usual, much appreciated! We extracted some colons with the Norgen kit this week and got a RIN of 10 for the first time. Other RINs were all acceptable, both for first and second elutions, and yields were far better than we have been getting with Trizol and more consistent. Needless to say, we're pretty happy!

  • Agriculture and Agrifood Canada

1 of the best things in life is a well written assay protocol.Thanks @NorgenBiotek for writing 1 of the best I've seen #gradschool #science

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